The cost of your mobile home insurance policy can be affected by a variety of factors.

Generally, your premiums will be lower if you and your mobile home are less risky, but higher if you are more risky.

You should cover the full replacement cost of your home, even with higher limits.

The insurance company usually charges more if your mobile home is older. A mobile home that is 10 years old could cost you up to $100 more in insurance coverage than a new one.

It is more likely that an insurer will charge you more if you recently filed insurance claims for fire or water damage.

Several mobile home communities offer discounts to residents. When a $50,000 mobile home was located in a park in Louisiana, Foremost's coverage was 16% cheaper.

The wind is more likely to damage mobile homes since they don't have traditional foundations. Your rate may be lowered if you anchor or tie down your home.

Skirting insulates pipes and keeps out animals, so insurance rates are lower if you have one installed on the bottom of your mobile home.

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