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Why Alfa Romeo is Not Happy With Dodge Hornet?

Hornet and Tonale share many body, powertrain, suspension, and interior components.

Alfa Romeo was originally planning to build this crossover, but just the badge and bumpers had to be changed by Dodge for the Hornet to compete with the Tonale.

Tonale was used to make a compliance vehicle by Dodge.

The Hornet will be around $10,000 less than the Tonale, making it harder for Alfa Romeo to sell its new product in the United States.

Its performance in North American markets is expected to be better than that of the Giulia and Stelvio, according to some.

Alfa Romeo doesn't seem to be happy with the situation, as the Dodge alternative looks very similar and is significantly cheaper.

Within just 24 hours of the crossover's debut, Dodge received nearly 14,000 preorders.

It seems some people feel the Hornet did not differentiate enough from its Italian sibling despite sharing its platform and hardware.

So the answer is simple The Hornet could steal Tonale's sales.

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