Widebody Dodge Viper Resembles Rx-7 on the Outside

As we await the zero-emission Challenger coupe and Charger sedan..

Automotive artists are obsessed with it, just like the next Chevy Camaro.

As with the electric Dodge, the Czech artist Rostislav Prokop, aka rostislav prokop, has chosen to go classical.

This is the legendary Dodge Viper, you guessed right.

That wasn't that hard, especially with the almost Yin and Yang-like VX-series Dodge Viper perched atop.

The project is another two-tone virtual effort from the prolific CGI artist's mind.

The widebody kit may be compared to Veilside's RX-7 kit, but that could just be their opinion.

Hopefully, no one will think about swapping the Viper's 8.4-liter V10 engine for something kinky...

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