What diet is necessary to avoid heart attack? get to know the dietician


Eating foods high in oily and saturated fats can worsen heart health.
To keep the heart healthy, foods rich in fiber should be consumed.

Best Foods For Heart Health: People of all ages are increasingly falling prey to heart disease. In the last few months, you must have seen many such videos on social media, in which people suddenly got heart attack and they died. At this time, discussions are going on everywhere regarding heart health. Everyone is trying to know how to avoid a serious condition like heart attack. Do you know that our lifestyle and eating habits have a profound effect on heart health? By making small changes in a better diet and lifestyle, you can keep the heart healthy. Let us know from the dietician about what kind of diet can improve your heart health.

Dietitian’s opinion about heart health
Former Dietician at Medanta Hospital Kamini Sinha According to this, food and drink have a great effect on all the organs of the body including the heart. By consuming healthy things, you can stay fit and healthy. The major reason for the increasing cases like heart attack is the deteriorating lifestyle and increasing carelessness regarding food and drink. All heart diseases can be prevented by keeping these things in mind. If healthy foods are included in the diet and junk foods are avoided, then heart health can be improved to a great extent. Your diet can lower your risk of heart disease by controlling cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Understand the connection between diet and heart
According to Kamini Sinha, foods high in oily and saturated fats increase the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, due to which there is blockage in the arteries. In such a condition, oxygenated blood does not reach the heart in sufficient quantity and an emergency condition like heart attack occurs. The level of cholesterol and blood pressure should be maintained for proper blood supply to the heart. The problem of cholesterol is mainly due to food and drink and it can be easily controlled with a healthy diet. It can be said that the risk of most diseases can be reduced by eating better. The special thing is that people who are suffering from heart disease will also get a lot of relief from a balanced diet.

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Include these foods in the diet
Dietician Kamini says that to keep the heart healthy, low-fat, low-carbohydrate and fiber-rich foods should be consumed. More than 5 to 10 ml of fat every day can be harmful. People should include turmeric fat in their diet and oil intake should be kept to a minimum. You can replace the snacks with roasted makhana or gram. In breakfast, people can eat moong dal ka cheela, fruits, walnuts, porridge and oats. Green vegetables, lentils, salad, low fat milk can be taken in lunch. Dinner should be light and khichdi, porridge and upma can be made in it. If you are eating roti sabzi in dinner, then eat one or two rotis less. You can take milk at night. Apart from this, drink more and more water, this will flush out the toxic elements of your body.

Keep heart health healthy in these ways
– Maintain lifestyle
– Get enough sleep for 7 hours
– Don’t wake up late at night
– do physical activity
– Take a healthy diet
– drink more and more water
– Eat less fried things
– Stay away from junk food
– Quit alcohol completely
– Stay away from smoking
Don’t forget to do health checkup

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