Which medicine is safe to take in case of sudden fever? Know from the doctor what to do in such a condition


If you have fever for more than 2-3 days, then blood test should be done immediately.
People should keep drinking water even during fever so that dehydration does not happen.

Safe Medicine For Fever: These days the weather is changing rapidly, due to which people are facing problems of cold, cold and fever. With the increase in the outbreak of mosquitoes, the cases of malaria are also increasing. At this time the outbreak of viral fever is being seen the most. People suddenly get high fever and sometimes the condition becomes serious. Weakness also occurs due to fever. Now the question arises that if someone suddenly gets fever then which medicine is safe to take? Can medicine be taken without doctor’s advice? There are some such questions, which are in the mind of people. The answers to all these questions are known from the doctor.

Why is the outbreak of diseases increasing?
of New Delhi Dr. Sonia Rawat, Physician at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital According to this, cases of viral fever, malaria, typhoid and dengue are increasing at this time. Malaria is a parasite infection, whereas Dengue is caused by a virus. Both diseases are caused by mosquito bites. Apart from this, there is a problem of typhoid due to dirty water and food. Viral fever can also be caused by mosquitoes and other reasons. In this season everyone should stay away from mosquitoes and keep the house and surroundings clean. Apart from this, viral fever can spread from each other, so special care of children is required. Viral fever can occur in some people without any symptoms.

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Which medicine is safe to take for fever?
Sonia Rawat says that if there is sudden fever, then paracetamol tablet can be taken in such condition. Many people use Brufen for this, but it has a lot of effect on the kidneys. Therefore, more medicines should not be used. Now the question arises that in what quantity the dosage of Paracetamol tablet should be taken. According to the doctor, the tablet can be taken at the rate of 15 mg per kg of weight. For example, if a child weighs 20 kg, then a dosage of 300mg can be given to him. If someone’s weight is 70 kg, then he can be given 500-500mg tablets every 4 to 6 hours.

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When should blood test be done?
According to the doctor, if you have fever for more than 2-3 days, then blood test should be done immediately. Malaria, typhoid or dengue can also occur in such a condition. If you are cured with paracetamol and then fever does not come then there is no need to get blood test done. Keep in mind that if the fever is 102-103 degrees or more, then you should see a doctor. Apart from this, if you see light sensitivity, trouble in the throat, trouble in breathing, loose motion or any other complication, then the doctor should be contacted immediately, otherwise the condition can be very serious.

It is very important to drink water during fever
According to Sonia Rawat, people should keep drinking water even during fever so that dehydration can be avoided. Dehydration can make your condition worse and increase the chances of complications. Apart from this, if children see any kind of tremors during fever, then they should not be careless. If the condition is continuously worsening, then one should not make the mistake of treating it at home. Doing so can be fatal and the effect of fever can reach the brain.

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