Why are there red lines on the back glass of your car, are they of any use or just a design? Know full details


The red line on the rear glass of the car is called the defogger line, it is made of metal.
It is used to dry the fog and water droplets on the glass.
By pressing the defogger button, drivers dry up water droplets, allowing them to see oncoming vehicles from behind.

New Delhi: Have you ever noticed that long red lines are seen on the rear glass of most of the cars. Do you know what they mean? However, some car windows do not even have this line. When buying a car, pay attention to the rear glass.

In earlier times, there was no red line on the rear glass of the cars coming. Every company designs this line according to its own. Most companies only give red and straight lines on the mirror.

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Because of this, the red line is given on the rear glass of the car.
The red line given on the rear glass of the car is also called the defogger line. Actually, these lines have been made keeping in mind the fog that occurs in the cold season. Due to heavy fog, the rear images are not visible to the driver. The driver or any passenger can not even get down from the car and clean it with the mirror. In such a situation, this defogger line helps the driver. With the help of this defogger line, drivers are able to see the vehicles coming behind.

how to use it
While driving the car in cold weather, mist accumulates on the rear glass, due to which the driver cannot see anything. In such a situation, by turning on the defogger line, the driver removes the trace from the mirror. One does not need to get out of the car to remove the smog. In just a few seconds, the drivers clean the mist on the glass by pressing just one button. Now you must be thinking that after all, how can the glass be cleaned by pressing just one button in a pinch.

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These lines are made of metal
The lines on the rear glass of the car are made of metal. As soon as the drivers turn on the defogger switch, the glass gets heated through these lines within a few moments. After this, the water droplets and mist on the glass start drying up. Soon all the water droplets dry up in a pinch.

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