Why CNG replaced LPG cars, know how it is better and what are its benefits


There is not much difference between pickup and power of cars fitted with CNG kit.
LPG increases the maintenance of vehicles.
The availability of CNG is now easy and its filling is also done at the normal pump.

New Delhi. There was a time when there were only petrol and diesel cars in the market. This was the period when people liked diesel cars less and the sales of petrol vehicles were very high. However, due to their low mileage even during that time, cars were rarely used in households as primary vehicles during that time. During this time LPG became popular in India as an alternate fuel. People installed LPG kits in their vehicles and started running on domestic cylinders. Although it was legally wrong, but still it became quite popular. After a few days, gas tanks started coming along with the authorized kit and they started getting installed in the vehicles.

Although LPG was first recognized as an alternate fuel of vehicles in 1910, it was not used in general. After this, it started becoming popular in many countries in the 70s. After this, in the 90s, it started making a mark in India as well. In the form of alternate fuel, the government also accepted it and in 2006 the government also started subsidizing it. After this, there was a flood of LPG filling machines at the petrol pump station as well. The result was that the backbone of the already slow running diesel car market was broken.

But then suddenly the times changed and CNG vehicles took their lead in metro cities. Soon CNG reached even small towns. Filling stations started being built and LPG vehicles started getting replaced. After all, why did it happen that CNG, which had ruled as an alternate fuel for decades, was so easily replaced by CNG. Let us know in detail.

what were the losses

  • LPG kits were not safe, due to the flammability of LPG, even the slightest leak could lead to a major accident.
  • LPG kits get damaged very easily.
  • LPG is dry, due to which there was dryness in the engine after combustion, due to which the engine of the cars deteriorated quickly.
  • When running on LPG, the pickup of vehicles was less and at this top speed also there was a difference.
    Due to the cold, ice used to freeze on the diaphragm of the kit during long distance travel and supply would be cut off. The car suddenly stopped. Then the car had to be stopped for a while and wait for the snow to melt.
  • There was a sudden load on the engine while shifting from petrol to LPG and then to petrol.
  • The maintenance cost of LPG kit equipped vehicles used to increase as the service interval was reduced due to quick spoilage of oil. Where the service of petrol car is 10 thousand km. But the service of LPG kit equipped vehicle used to be 3 to 5 thousand km. But had to be done.

Why CNG replaced

  • The CNG kit was safe even though it was expensive. In this, the problem of leakage as well as fire is much less than LPG.
  • The CNG kit does not make much difference to the maintenance of the vehicle, although its service interval is also less than that of petrol but not as much as LPG.
  • The network of CNG spread rapidly and over time it started becoming cheaper than LPG. On this the mileage of the car also started getting good.
  • CNG kits were also available for bigger vehicles which meant powerful engines, people also used it in luxury cars.
  • CNG does not have much effect on the pickup and top speed of the vehicle. People got the pleasure of petrol in CNG.
  • There is no problem of cooling of the CNG kit. Therefore, the vehicle can be driven easily even in long distances without stopping.
  • Though CNG kit is costlier than LPG kit but its low maintenance and better performance made it popular.
  • Companies also adopted this and started manufacturing CNG kit equipped vehicles.

What were the advantages of LPG

  • LPG was cheap and readily available.
  • By making a small filling kit easily, it could be filled with a domestic cylinder even at home.
  • The mileage of the car was quite good on LPG and it was seen up to three times in many vehicles as compared to petrol.
  • LPG kits were also cheap, as well as when the company came out with fitted kit vehicles, they were of normal price.
  • LPG was available everywhere and due to this it was as easy as filling petrol diesel.
  • The maintenance of the LPG kit was cheap and it could be easily repaired anywhere.

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