Why is biotin important for the body? Know which foods can be consumed by its deficiency

Biotin Benefits in Hindi: It is necessary to include all kinds of nutrients to maintain a healthy body, but often people do not pay attention to their diet, due to which they suffer from many physical problems. There are many types of nutrients, one of which is Biotin. Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H is also called Biotin. The job of biotin is to help the body convert food into energy. It is a type of B vitamin. It is soluble in water. To maintain the level of biotin in the body, it is necessary to consume foods rich in biotin. Let us know why biotin is important for health and what are its food sources.

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What is Biotin?

stylesatlife.com According to a report published in, Biotin is called Vitamin B7. It is naturally present in many types of foods. It is an essential nutrient for maintaining healthy hair and nails. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. The body does not store this water-soluble vitamin. Biotin plays an important role in maintaining good liver, hair, skin, brain functions as well as keeping them healthy.

foods rich in biotin

egg- If there is a deficiency of Vitamin B7 i.e. Biotin in your body, then eat eggs for this. Eggs should be eaten by people of all ages. Eggs are high in protein, as well as many other vitamins and minerals. Biotin is present in its yellow part. Since you also get zinc, selenium, vitamin A, D by consuming eggs, due to this the endocrine system does its work properly. Always eat eggs properly cooked, because the absorption of biotin is not done properly by eating them raw.

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salmon fish- Salmon is rich in biotin and omega-3 fatty acids. Many types of physical problems are removed by its consumption. It helps to keep your hair and skin healthy. It also reduces inflammation caused by pollutants.

eat mushrooms Mushrooms are the best source of biotin. Along with this, many other nutrients are also found in it, which benefit health. Mushrooms can be used in vegetables, soups, pasta, pizza, noodles, salads etc.

Sweet potato- Biotin is also present in a good amount in sweet potatoes. You can boil and eat sweet potatoes rich in beta carotene, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidants, fiber etc. Beta carotene improves the digestive system as well as maintains eye health. Eyesight remains good for a long life.

Dairy products- Curd, milk, cheese can be consumed in these, because all of them are rich in vitamin B7. You can include them regularly in the diet. Dairy products are sources of potassium, protein, vitamin D, calcium, etc. However, biotin is present in varying amounts in milk, curd, cheese etc.

Other food sources of Biotin- In addition to being in the above foods, biotin is also present in strawberries, broccoli, avocados, nuts, etc., which you can definitely consume.

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