YOGA SESSION: Fat has accumulated on the waist, so get rid of this yogasana, know the right way


Do meditation before starting yoga practice.
You can reduce waist fat by practicing yoga.

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav : Regular yoga practice keeps our body fit and protects us from diseases. Fat on the waist can be the beginning of many diseases. In such a situation, if you want to reduce the fat of your waist, then you can take the help of some yoga exercises. One such yoga practice is Katichakra or Katichakrasana. today News18 Hindi In the Facebook live session of Yoga Trainer, Savita Yadav practiced some such yogas apart from Katichakra, with the help of which body fat can be reduced.

start with care
To start yoga, first sit on your mat and make a meditation posture. Concentrate the mind with the recitation of the word Om for some time. Concentrate on your in and out breaths.

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microscopic necessity
Whenever you practice yoga, first do subtle exercises to warm every part of the body. For this, you must do step-walking, rotation of hands, feet, neck etc. You can watch the detailed video on this link.

Do Katichakra yoga practice like this
To do katichakra, first stand on your mat. Now make one and a half foot gap between both the feet. Now spread both the hands forward in the line of the shoulders and bend forward while looking forward. Now slowly rotating both the hands from the left side and bending backwards do the whole cycle.

During this, you can take support by placing one hand behind you on the Thai. Now do the complete cycle 10 times in the same way. Then stand on the mat and take rest. Take a deep breath and again bend both the hands while stretching forward and now rotate on the other side i.e. from the right side while bending completely backward. You do this 10 times. You can watch the complete exercise video on the link.

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