You Can Still Get a Free Upgrade to Windows 10

The time is over to get a free upgrade to Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10. This free upgrade is not available to the general user since July 29. However, the company has extended the free upgrade deadline for users who use assistive technologies. Although this offer is for a specific type of user, but it can be availed by all users.

The free upgrade to Windows 10 was discontinued for general customers only last week. But if you are a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 user, you can download a setup file from Microsoft’s website. The upgrade will start automatically once you install it. Since Microsoft cannot currently determine which user uses the assistive capability, this upgrade offer can be taken advantage of by every user.

Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft acknowledged the existence of the Windows 10 Upgrade extension and said that no end date has been set at the moment. The company will give information before closing the extension.

The Redmond-based company rolled out Windows 10 to the general user on July 29 last year. It was made available for free for devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The new operating system is used in laptops, PCs, tablets and Xbox One consoles.

The biggest drawback with this upgrade is that the company marketing it very aggressively. Many users had complained about this, after which Microsoft decided to exercise some restraint.

Windows has suggested upgrading to a newer version so often that many users were upset by it. The company’s aggressive strategy can be gauged from the fact that Microsoft has been accused many times of downloading and installing Windows 10 without the permission of the user.

Once, the company had to pay 10 thousand dollars as damages for installing Windows 10 on a woman’s personal computer without her permission. The woman had complained that some of her files had been lost due to this update.

On the other hand, in the month of August, the company will release the anniversary update of Windows 10. This information was given at the company’s annual Build conference held in March.

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