Your salt is weakening the bones, know which things are harmful for the bones


Using too much salt makes bones weak.
The use of soda increases the risk of fracture.
Essential fruits and calcium to strengthen bones.

What Makes Bones Weak By EatingWith aging, not only skin, heart and hair, but also the problem of weakening of bones starts increasing. People often talk about problems like bone pain and voice while walking, which indicate weak bones. The main reason for the weakening of bones is the lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body. Apart from this, there are many such food items and drinks which work to make bones weak. Using too much salt and sugar can be harmful to the bones. Sugar and salt prevent the body from absorbing calcium, due to which the bones become weak. Let’s know that apart from salt, eating what makes bones weak.

more sweet foods
Along with salt, sugar is also considered equally responsible in making bones weak. According to Everyday Health By consuming more sugar, the body does not get the necessary nutrients. Excess intake of sugar prevents calcium from being absorbed in the body, which after some time becomes the reason for making bones weak. Antioxidant-rich fruits such as cranberries, oranges and strawberries can be consumed to calm the sweet tooth.

Consuming too much soda can have a negative effect on bone health. Consumption of seven or more colas in a week can cause mineral deficiency and fracture in the body. Women who have problems with hip pain also have an increased risk of hip fracture. Whatever the soda is, it can be harmful for overall health.
Beans are rich in protein, fiber and magnesium which are considered beneficial for osteoporosis but they can harm bone health. Beans contain a substance called phytates which prevents the absorption of calcium in the body, due to which the bones start weakening. If the beans are soaked in water for 8 hours before consuming, then the phytates present in it can be reduced.

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raw spinach
Bones get plenty of calcium from raw spinach, but it also contains a substance called oxalates, which prevents calcium from being absorbed in the body. If you eat spinach cooked or mixed with cheese, then it will be more beneficial.

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red meat
Excess consumption of red meat can reduce calcium from bones. People who have the problem of osteopenia or osteoporosis should consume red meat in moderation. Eggs, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, chicken and fish can be consumed for the prevention of osteoporosis. These food items can help strengthen bones.

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